Services we provide and how we work.

We always provide a Free Estimate for your building as well as plan & isometric drawing views:

  • Concept Design for both Civil Site and Custom-Building Design.
  • Fast Metal Building Price Quotes

  • Preconstruction Services

  • Civil Engineering and Architectural Services

  • Building Erection

  • Estimating and Project Management

  • Concrete Foundation Package

  • Interior Office build-out “In House Design”

  • Site Development and Turnkey Construction Concept and Design

  • Commercial Metal Building Design Concept Services

  • Residential Metal Building Home Design Concept Services

Inside view of machine shop on display

Florida & Georgia Metal Building Specialties


  • Drive-up Mini Storage

  • Drive-up Climate Control

  • Interior Corridor Climate Control

  • Multi-Story Climate Control


  • Distribution Center

  • Business and Warehouse

  • Commercial Storage

  • General Commerce

  • Retail

  • Flex Space

  • Facilities


  • Walk-in clinic

  • Surgery Center

  • Support Offices

  • Animal Hospital


  • Aircraft Hangers

  • Maintenance Buildings

  • Support Buildings


  • Metal Building Homes

  • Metaldominium Combination RV Storage, Large gathering space, living space

  • Barndominium Combination Living Area with Storage Accessory Area


  • Horse and Cattle Barns

  • Riding Arenas

  • Stables

  • Accessory Buildings

  • Equestrian Centers

  • Aircraft Hangar


  • Distribution Centers

  • Warehousing

  • Assembly Buildings

Free Consultation and Metal Building Construction 101:

We would love to help you design your next Pre-Engineered Metal Building “PEMB” we offer a free building estimate, Isometric Drawing and building consultation/recommendation meeting. We specialize in Metal Building Concept Design (Concept Services) for both Building and Civil Site, Sales, Erection, Concrete, Interior Build-Out, Turnkey Construction.

We have Designed, Erected, and Constructed thousands of square feet of Metal Building Construction i.e. Office Buildings, Warehouse, Churches, Schools, Mini Personal Storage, RV Covered Storage, Agricultural building (Barns, Riding Arenas, Stables, Training Facilities) Medical clinic as well as any other traditional building you may require.

We believe it is worthwhile to have a building consultation just to talk about your building, construction options and your expectation in general and how a Steel Building is the best solution for your project. We offer a free 60-minute complimentary consultation by phone or on your building site or any virtual options.

View of white color building with glasses on display
View of cream and peach color house

If you choose to move forward with one of our Concept Services. We will walk you through every step of construction’s process.

We want you to understand the process, a lot of times people do not realize the many steps involved in building your project. Starting from scratch (raw land) to CO Certificate of Occupancy is much different than buying an existing building and maybe retrofitting it to you needs.

When buying land always have a due diligence period included you need a concept (plan) for the Bank or estimating. Are you going to need Environmental Studies to make sure the property is buildable. Does the land suit your building model, i s it compatible with the neighborhood i.e. “the neighbor” many people have theirs but they don’t want any more development. That’s why we offer a wide variety of Preconstruction building services. Whether you’ve a seasoned client, general contractor or your first time building its always beneficial to have a free consultation we call it “Construction Instruction”.

Building and Civil Plan Concept Services

We always offer a Free Estimate on your Metal Building or Civil site plans.

However, when your just getting started and you don’t have any plans only and idea or maybe you have sketched something on a piece of paper. This service allows you to get started without a full on commitment to us or any other Engineering or Architectural firm.

When you don’t have a complete set of working Building or Civil plans for a small fee our “Concept Services” allows you to have a unique Building  or Civil concept plan designed to your local code requirements and your business model.

This includes an in person or on-site meeting (or virtual) for your consultation to your discuss your construction needs and business model. The “Concept Plan” depending on your need Building or Civil or both will be produced with 5 to days depending complexity.  We will produce a building concept plan to 1/4″ scale this will be detailed room layout, front elevation, window and door placement and electrical layout.  Our Concept Service includes a detailed price estimate as to the cost of the improvements.

If you need a Civil Site Concept it will show the available building envelope (area remaining after as the requirements are met) as to all Property Setbacks, Parking Lot, Retention & Drainage, EMS & Fire Department Requirements, Landscaping, and Irrigation. This includes a detailed price estimate.

Both Concept Plans will allow you to go to the bank to start the funding progress and or obtain additional quotes for comparison.

  • Warehousing and Manufacturing Facility

  • RV & Boat Storage Facility

  • Personal Storage Drive up ‘Mini Storage’

  • Personal Storage Climate Control

  • Corporate Headquarters

  • Restaurant

  • Church

  • Sample Estimate & Specification

After you have a Building or Civil Site Concept

Building Design Concept Scope & Specifications

  • Develop Building Design Concept

  • Estimate Building Cost
  • Phase Two #2

  • Develop Project Scope and Specifications

  • Determine Selections and Allowances

  • Create Site Work Construction Schedule

  • Depending on your selections set Allowance Schedule. Produce Project Building Schedule.
  • Phase Three #3

  • Permitting

Civil Site Design Concept Scope & Specifications

  • Develop Civil Site Design Concept

  • Estimate Site Work Cost

  • Phase Two #2

  • Develop Project Scope and Specifications

  • Determine Selections and Allowances

  • Create Site Work Construction Schedule

  • Phase Three #3

  • Permitting

Request Design Concept Services

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