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Customer Service Driven

Being a customer service-driven contracting company, we know how important it is to supply nothing less than the highest quality buildings on time and budget.

We work solely with manufacturers who are members of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and are certified under the American Institute of Steel Constructions.

Our Buildings are constructed with primed Red IRON for all Mainframes, Girders, Eaves, Struts and Purlins with options for 100% galvanized members. We offer many standard colors and can also customize to match any color scheme. You can select options for custom Stucco, Stone, Brick or other Cladding materials, offering custom designer elevations. This is why we say we build your building to be “Inhabitable Art”.  All products offer a standard 25-year warranty with options for 30, 40 and 50-year material warranties. Lifetime Watertight warranties are available – not offered on most traditional brick and mortar constructed buildings.

Locally Based

Our building manufacturers are locally based in Florida and Georgia and are Uniquely Qualified to meet the special requirements of weather and climate concerns, unlike other regions of the country. We understand Hurricanes & Humidity, and have correct solutions for both. If building components are damaged or missing, we can get them within 48 hours, never holding the project up.

Many of our customers and General Contractors return buyers only requiring one of our buildings. While many others prefer our Furnish and Erection services metal building service. Whether a Commercial or Residential building, many customers choose the convenience of our  (3 in 1) service, offering Furnish-Erect-Concrete Foundation. If you have the building permit great, or we can design and pull all building permits. We can work with your design team or our skilled trade team members to complete your building Interior buildout, no problem lets us take it all the way through Turnkey Construction.

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We are more than happy to help you get started, maybe you have just an idea “concept” for your new building. Maybe you have just purchased land or are under contract and need a civil site concept for you project. We always offer a free building and site consultation as well as an overall project evaluation. We want to understand your business and business model to make sure your new building project will be a success.

Our experienced in-house design team can produce the perfect building concept or civil site concept (this is the benefit of a design/build company). We can come to your new building site or if expanding an existing site or building (in person or virtually) and consult with you. Only understanding your business model can we do you our best, whether your wanting to build personal storage, warehousing, agricultural, or a new home or any other business we want you to have a successful project. We have designed and build almost every kind of building and business.

Maybe you you already have building plans we are happy to quote your project. However if you need a Civil Site Plan. We will develop the best Civil Site concept at the most reasonable cost. Utilizing our in-house professionals, we will give you options on how to use your land, while meeting all local building Land development codes, and local, state, and environmental requirement.

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Civil Site Plan development is complex, and it requires the most seasoned professionals who understand the nuances, restrictions, and best practices. Here at Remington Steel Metal Buildings we want to make sure the client is involved at every step we want you to understand the process – this way there are no surprises.

After final Civil Site Plan approval and all permitting is in place, we offer complete full site development services. From survey layout, site clearing, site cut and balance, all in-ground utilities, site concrete and paving we keep the project on schedule and budget. Remington Steel Metal Buildings has been doing this for a long time, and we are happy to put our site development knowledge and experience to work for your project.

Even after all the permitting is complete and all of the surveys are finished, a lot of care needs to go into the development, or redevelopment, of a site. Let us take your raw or distressed land and turn it into something you can use to establish, grow, and maintain a business.

There tends to be a lot of careful planning, coordination, and timely execution of the site while keeping a close eye on what is already on or under the ground. One mistake could be dangerous, costly, and take a lot of time to fix, all of which would put your construction on hold. Remington Steel Metal Buildings is familiar with the process and can consult with your business to plan the time frame and requirements of the site to your benefit.

View of machine shop on display